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Welcome to Michael Sharp, MD

We are an independent medical clinic specializing in alternative, complementary, and functional medicine. We typically use non-pharmacological medical techniques (minimal prescription drug usage).

Dr. Sharp completed his medical training at Harvard, and went on to practice medicine at the University of North Carolina for more than two decades. For the last 10 years his passion has been in alternative and functional medicine. Learn more about his medical philosophy.

As a Practice, We:

  • Offer alternative options where traditional drug-based therapies have failed.
  • Focus on finding the root cause of disease, rather than just treating the symptoms.
  • Use an array of diagnostic tests to find the root cause of disease.
  • Provide specialized digestive health testing and treatment options.
  • Can recommend specific nutritional supplements and nutrients based on your individual profile.

We help our patients discover the source of their illness or disease in order to direct them toward a path of wellness. Learn more about our medicine.  We offer a highly individualized assessment during our intake process. Often, we recommend medical diagnostic testing to help find the underlying causes of illness.  We have found nutritional and herbal supplements to be helpful, and can provide expert guidance to those individuals seeking help with selection and quality assurance.

Many of our clients discover that making good food choices, exercising, and stress modification are necessary to find an optimum sense of well-being and engagement with life. We offer integrative health coaching for those patients.

Please call us at (919) 945-0300 to schedule an appointment or learn more. You can also use our convenient contact form.

Be well,

Michael Sharp, MD PA

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